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Effective Ways of Increasing the Value of a Self-Storage Facility

The use of self-storage facilities is a cost-effective and convenient way of keeping your items and optimizing your work and office space. Owners of self-storage units should understand the demographic breakdown of their self-storage units. Findings show that more than 60% of users of self-storage units are women. Owners of self-storage facilities can generate more revenue and drive occupancy by keeping their facilities updated and safe. They should explore the different ways of upgrading their self-storage businesses.

Some of the options that they can consider include expanding or rebuilding their existing facilities. Occupancy depends on several factors, including security, amenities, management, and location. As a renter, you should look for a storage unit or facility that meets your storage needs. You can enjoy the benefits of self-storage facilities by renting our affordable storage units. Outlined here below are the top recommendations of increasing the value of a self-storage facility;

Security Upgrades

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Security upgrades are meant to increase the customer’s satisfaction. Installing new gates, keypads, and cameras are some of the recommended options that can enhance the value of a self-storage facility and make the customer feel safe. In addition to this, owners of storage facilities can improve the security of their storage units by installing video streaming cameras. These improvements will make your facility more appealing and help you in monitoring your storage units from everywhere.

Curbing Appeal of Your Rent Units

Rusted fencing, chipped paint and un-groomed and chipped paint are some of the factors which influence tenants. Instating new fencing is an effective way of enhancing the exterior of a storage facility since it will give your clients a sense of security. You should also ensure that walls don’t have any noticeable defects.

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Replacing old metal sidings and applying a fresh layer of paint will show your customers that you care about their belongings and your facility. Stripes in the parking lot should also be repainted to enhance their appearance. Remember that these are the first things renters see. Painting, landscaping, and fencing are the small renovations that can amplify curb appeal and improve your facility’s appearance.

Replacing Old Doors and Roofs

Roofs play an essential role in the storage business. Typical self-storage facilities have roofs that are highly functional. Roof issues like faster deterioration and leaks are prevalent in older facilities. The damage caused by leaking roofs can ruin the reputation of your storage business since it will result in unsatisfied customers. In general, older or leaking roofs should be replaced with new ones.