Must-Dos When Choosing a Wedding Banquet Caterer

The wedding reception must be the ultimate part after exchanging your vows with your lifetime partner. This is the most fun part as you and your guests come together to have a feast of music, dances, wines, and of course, the main course, food. To make it exceptional and memorable to all, you have to make sure that every aspect is perfect from the venue, services, and the menu.

Besides the savory taste of the dishes, it should also be aesthetically prepared fit for a wedding reception. Here are some important things to do when choosing a wedding banquet caterer.

Select the Menu

One of the first things to do is to check on the menu of a wedding caterer. Do they offer several options to choose from? What food do they specialize in? It is always important to consider foods that are generally acceptable by your guests. After selecting the menu, request for a taste test. Never miss this portion as the pictures on the menu book can be deceptive.

Take note of the tableware and the serving portion. The tableware should be elegant enough to fit a wedding banquet, and the serving portion should be just enough for a regular person.

Know Related Services

Do the catering services have a reception area? Will they be the ones to decorate it and equip it with the necessary devices for your wedding? These are some of the services you should check aside from the food and the serving crew. One thing to check also is if they will be responsible for cleaning the venue after the reception. What about security services?

Check Sanitary Standards

You will never want to hear tales of stomach upsets from your guests or experience it yourself after the reception. It may not be very pleasant. You should know how a catering service ensures the freshness of their food and the sanitation of their tableware and venue.

See Documentations on Past Weddings

A wedding banquet caterer must be very proud to show you the documentations of weddings they catered in the past. If they do not have copies, they may not have many clients. It would be good to see pictures so you can have an idea of your wedding. You may also connect with past customers and know the reputation of the caterer.  It really pays to choose an experienced caterer.

Consider Your Budget

How much can you pay for the catering services? It helps to know your budget before going through all the transactions with a caterer. Ask for discounts if possible. If you still find it expensive, there are other caterers out there to consider, or you have the choice of adjusting your menus or not including some services which are not necessary.

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