a dog being given hemp oil

Reasons to Give Your Dog Hemp Oil

In case you need a natural way to improve your dog’s health, hemp oil is one of the best options. There is a lot of talk about hemp oil worldwide for positive reasons. With increased research on the benefits of cannabis, the usage of other cannabis-based compounds has been on the rise. This includes hemp oil which has become increasingly popular in recent years due to more research showing its importance to pets. And the good news is that you can conveniently buy the best hemp oil for dogs online from trusted sites.

Here are some of the reasons to give your dog hemp oil:

Providing Pain Relief

treat a dog in pain with hemp oilIn case you realize that your dog is restless, it is likely that it has an injury. This can be a sign of pain in the body parts or joints. As a responsible owner, it is advisable always to have an anti-pain treatment for dogs. Hemp oil works as it reduces inflammation and decreases nerve-related pain. A study has shown that it lowers arthritis symptoms by up to 25 percent, which benefits dogs.

Dealing with Seizures

Tremors and seizures are typical among dogs. Handling this problem is difficult for a pet owner. Although there are many drugs in the market to treat the same, they have adverse side effects like lethargy and drooling. In case you decide to help the dog overcome seizures, it is advisable to use hemp oil supplements. They are a safer option compared to phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Such drugs can affect the dog’s organs, especially the liver.

Reducing Anxiety

relieve anxietyA pet owner can acquire knowledge of how anxiety can affect a dog. Various factors can lead to stress and affect the dog’s well-being. If it has encountered a bad accident or close family member moves away, the dog suffers a lot.To restore emotional balance, vets nowadays recommend the usage of hemp oil for dogs. Cannabis-based products are known to treat anxiety in pets. They are safer compared to prescriptions you get at the store.

Fighting Cancer

Cancer is among the primary cause of death in pets. The occurrence levels in humans are almost similar. According to a study, approximately half of dogs over ten years typically develop cancer. It is necessary to protect the pet from the effects of the disease. Research has shown that taking GLA-rich diets can stop the development of cancerous tumors. Such diets control inflammation hence boosting the immune system. GLA contained in hemp oil also promotes cancer cell death.