What You Need to Know about Dugouts

Also referred to as taster boxes, dugouts are a type of box designed to hold tobacco and a smoking pipe. They are quite popular due to the convenience that they offer, especially in terms of portability. You can pack everything that you may need to get a hit in the dugout, keeping them compact enough that they can fit in your pocket. They are a bit less conspicuous and easy to use compared to other options such as bongs. Below is all the information that you may need to help you make a decision, in case you are unsure about investing in one.

How They Work

You should start by grinding your tobacco before you load it in the dugout if you wish to get maximum efficiency. Make sure you grind the product until it is fine, but be careful not to pulverize it into powder as it increases the chances of you inhaling it accidentally during your session. If you are a beginner, you may have to practice a bit before you master how to find the delicate balance. You can also choose to invest in a tobacco grinder. You then use a piece of paper to funnel your ground product into the dugout. When you wish to get your hit, slide the pipe in the dugout where the tobacco is stored. The pipe will fill up with tobacco without you having to touch the tobacco. Once the pipe is loaded, you can light it and inhale to get your hit.

Materials and Construction

Plastic and wood are the most common materials used to make dugouts. The design is such that the lid swivels or uses magnetism to stay in place. The pipe is spring loaded to allow easy access when you open the lid. There are some dugouts which may also have extra features such as clip holders and cleaning tools. The cleaning tools, in particular, can come in quite handy when cleaning places of the dugout that are hard to reach.

Cleaning Process

For effective cleaning, you should start by using a small tool that can break up any tobacco that may have built up in the dugout and pipe. Make sure you shake out any loose product then use a cotton swab that is saturated in your preferred cleaning solution to wipe out any resin inside the pipe and dugout. If your dugout is particularly grimy, you may soak it in isopropyl alcohol before cleaning with the cotton swab. Remember to let both pieces dry before you pack your tobacco again.